An overview of the different speakers and their abstracts can be found here: Abstracts BAAHE 2019.


Time Auditorium 4 (Jaap Kruithof) Room 120.012 Room 120.025
08:45 Opening
09:00 Keynote

Ankhi Mukherjee

Decolonising Literature: Delayed Decodings

10:00 Break with refreshments
10:30 Paper 1 – Literature

Elisabeth Bekers

Decolonising the Study of Literature in English: Work in Progress


Paper 1 – Linguistics

Frank Van Splunder 

English-Medium Instruction: Perceptions and Attitudes in Engineering


Paper 5 – Linguistics

Sarah Haas

Why Do(n’t) I want to Read  These Essays? Developing an Intuitive Framework to Help Students Writers Understand Why Their Texts Might (Dis)engage Readers

11:00 Paper 2 – Literature

Kathleen Gyssels

“To the Gentenaars Who Died in the Congo Free State”: On Rhizomatic Linkages between Explorers and Researchers in the Same Family (the Van de Velde and Kesteloot Dynasties, Explorers of the Belgian Congo)

Paper 2 – Linguistics

Robert Hartsuiker

Memory Recall When an L2 Is Used in Higher Education


Paper 6 – Linguistics

José Goris

Training Academic Discourse in English-Taught Programmes


11:30 Paper 3 – Literature

Mahlu Mertens & Gry Ulstein 

Decolonizing Anthropos: An Econarratological Approach to Teaching English Literature in the Anthropocene

Paper 3 – Linguistics

Kirsten Rosiers/Geert Jacobs/Julia Valeiras-Jurado

Economic English and Economics Taught in English. What Can We Learn from the Views and Attitudes of Students and Lecturers?

Paper 7 – Linguistics

Catherine Verguts/Tom De Moor

The Policy-Imposed C1-Level of English in Flemish Universities: A Blessing for Students, a Challenge for Lecturers

12:00 Paper 4 – Literature

Riaan Oppelt 

English Studies and Blended Re-Learning in South Africa

Paper 8 – Linguistics

Kimberley Mouvet/Miriam Taverniers

What Is Language Anyway?

12:30 Lunch / Board meeting and BAAHE Thesis Award
14:00 Keynote

Slobodanka Dimova

Language Requirements in EMI: What is Good Enough? 

15:00 Paper 5 – Literature

Laura Michiels

“A Sense of Being the Foreign-”: Unlearning Western Privilege in J. T. Rogers’s The Overwhelming

Paper 9 – Linguistics

Nell Foster & Kelsey Hull

Reluctant Translanguaging: Pedagogical L2-Content  Beliefs and University Classroom Practice

15:30 Paper 6 – Literature

Inge Brinkman

Gikuyu and English: Colonial and Post-colonial Debates on Language, Education and (De)colonisation through the Works of Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o and Gakaara wa Wanjaũ (Kenya)

Paper 10 – Linguistics

Alexander De Soete

Translanguaging in South African Tertiary Education

16:00 Paper 7 – Literature

Zhuyun Song 

Chinese Semi-Colonial History and Decolonization in Chinese European Literature of the Late Twentieth Century

Paper 11 – Linguistics

Thijs Gillioen

My Peer Said It Was Great but My Teacher Failed Me. Comparing Student and Teacher Feedback on Academic Presentations in EFL Higher Education

16:30 Break with refreshments
17:00 Panel discussion

Freek van de Velde/Eline Zenner/Frederik De Decker/Evy Woumans

Coordinator: Bernard De Clerck 

English in Higher Education

17:45 Closing remarks



The sessions for literary studies  will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Marco Caracciolo (morning) and Dr. Catherine Gilbert (afternoon). The sessions for linguistics will be chaired by Dr. Karen De Clercq and Prof. Dr. Jennifer Thewissen (morning) and Prof. Dr. Sonia Vandepitte (afternoon).